On Tuesday night, The Howell Girls basketball team honored their two seniors prior to the last home game of the season against Waterford Mott.  Kelly Lewis and Casie Lamay, Howell’s two seniors, were on the receiving end of the celebration.

This was an opportunity for the program to recognize the players that have given their time to the program over the last four years.

Tuesday’s game was buzzing with lots of energy and emotion as the larger than usual Tuesday night crowd packed in the Howell Fieldhouse.  The girls program also honored the Susan G. Komen foundation, supporting breast cancer awareness.  The highlanders sported alternate pink uniforms, collected donations, and held a bake sale in honor of the cause.

Not to mention, Tuesday’s game had major implications with it being the first round of the KLAA Playoffs.

The hype of the game did not stop Kelly and Casie from earning spots in the starting lineup on Tuesday. Coach Olszewski stressed the importance of this moment for the seniors, “This is an opportunity that Kelly and Casie may not otherwise have… It is a way for us to show them appreciation for what they have done for our team. We have to realize that sometimes it’s more than a game… This is an important snapshot memory they can hold onto for the rest of their lives.”

This was Kelly’s second start this year while Casie earned her first start of the season on Tuesday. Behind the starts of Lewis and Lamay, Howell earned a 7-point victory, defeating Waterford Mott 43-36.

Coach Olszewski further spoke of Kelly and Casie’s lasting impact on the girls basketball program, “They are the bottom half of the Ice Berg... although they may not be "seen" as often as some, they are the base, the foundation of how strong our team is.... Without them, we would not be as successful as we have been.”

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